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NAPP – The Organization That Changed My Life!

I wrote this article a few years ago!  I feel the very same and even more so today! 


NOTE:  Since this article was written so long ago, the information pertaining to membership plans and what is included in them has changed.  Please visit for the updates and particulars.  As well, I am not sure if all the links work.  I quickly checked and removed the ones I found until I find out where they have moved to.  Basically this article was about what NAPP did for me as a member and artist.

Roz Fruchtman / March 12, 2006


Business Organizations… Do They Help or Hinder!
NAPP — The One That Changed My Life!

By: Roz Fruchtman

As a reviewer, web and graphic consultant and digital artist, I have come in contact with some of the finest professional organizations, and some of the not so fine. Trust me the not so fine are truly out there!

Today I would like to talk about an organization that literally changed my life — The National Association of Photoshop Professionals, better known to the web and graphics industries as NAPP.

Coming from a career as a Computer Typesetter and Production Word Processing Operator, I am well-versed in page layout. At a glance I can pick out an extra space between words, tell you what type characters need to be kerned, and in most cases, guess how many units of kerning are required. At one time I could even cut out a comma between two words with an Exacto knife or a razor blade. However, when it came to graphic images — shudder — I would head for the nearest clipart program, or use whatever art was included within the program I was working. To me… it was unthinkable to even imagine creating my own art, no matter how simple. It took years to find out how misguided my thoughts were. Lo and behold, now I am creating my very own art for virtual greeting cards. (This is far from a validation of my own skills, but it is a testimonial for a professional organization that literally changed my life and opened the door to unleash the creativity within.)

NAPP runs one-day seminars nationwide. To date I have attended five or six here in NYC. He seminar is an adventure and a fun day of learning for all who attend.

My miraculous transformation and defining moment came when I attended my very first NAPP seminar with Scott Kelby. If I learned nothing else that day, I learned that I learned that nothing was beyond my reach as far as creativity. I sat mesmerized as I watched spectacular images, banners, display ads, magazine covers, and more created before my very eyes — in a matter of minutes. I learned that if I mastered a few simple techniques I could create lovely things. When I left that first seminar I was so inspired that my designing attitude was never quite the same. From that day on, everything I look at everything artistically, thinking… “How can I use that in my designs?” For me… that was life changing!

NOTE: The nice thing about NAPP seminars is that you hardly ever have to take your eyes from the screen and take notes. Everything is given to you in the way of a workbook and CD with images — to take home. Thus, giving you the opportunity to give Scott, or whoever is instructing your undivided attention. If you go to one NAPP seminar you won’t want to miss the next one that comes to your town!

The National Association of Photoshop Professionals is an organization that caters to the needs of Photoshop users of all levels. While there is a membership fee to belong, it truly is minimal compared to the benefits one receives!

Member benefits can be viewed here, or surf on over to
(Check out the special help desk for NAPP members!)

Upon membership you will receive an impressive packet containing the following: (This is what I got in 2000, when I first joined.)

  • A personalized membership card
  • A booklet of 100 Hot Photoshop Tips
  • A complementary issue of Design Tips monthly newsletter with a special discount offer to subscribe
  • A member’s card to S.O.S (Significant Organization Savings) which allows you to receive discounts on hotels
  • Member discounts to Airborne Express
  • The current “Photoshop User” monthly magazine
  • “Photoshop User” bonus Issue for 2000
  • Member benefits guide
  • Discount sheet with specially marked member pricing on Photoshop training videos


NAPP believes in the premise — Try before you buy… Go here to request a FREE “Photoshop User” magazine and have a look for yourself. This magazine is strictly for Photoshop users, and the only one of its kind.

Membership Categories

NAPP realizes that different people/organizations have different levels of needs. Therefore, they have six levels/categories of membership:

  • Non-professional
  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Educational and student
  • International individual
  • International corporate

Click the link below to read the descriptions of the membership categories above:

My Own Personal Experiences As a NAPP Member

As an active NAPP member for more than three years I have had occasion to use more than a few of the member benefits. The one that I have come to know and love is the special Member Help Desk. I have yet to wait a long period of time to get help. I don’t use it enough, but when I do, I literally kick myself for not remembering to contact them sooner! I have yet to get a wrong answer. The answers are always precise and to the point, and I am always encouraged to contact them again if I have more questions or probelms.

When I first joined NAPP I had forgotten about the Hlep Desk and tried to resolve my PHotoshop problems either on my own or through various Photoshop Discussion Groups. The problem with this is… that not all Photoshop users use all features, and either the question(s) went unanswered or the answers were not what I was looking for. Suddenly after floundering around for a week or two, I realized that expert help was only a click away at the NAPP help desk. Within a matter of an hour or so I got the correct answer the first time out! Trust me, I never forgot them again!

Another great benefit is member discounts on training seminars and workshops, learning tools — books, tapes, and CDs. (Scott Kelby’s Photoshop help books — with step-by-step tutorials — are the absolute greatest! I have them all!)

Last but not least is the “Photoshop Users” magazine. This arrived like clockwpork every other month with sdpecial issues interspersed through the year! One word describes this magazine… “Phenomenal!” Click here for your free issue.


In my opinion a company that gives so much, and takes so little back in return has to be doing something right — for its members! Trying before buying has to be one of the strongest marketing tools, and best way to snag customers/members. NAPP’s offer has been around for as long as I can remember, and their membership continually grows. They have the only such magazine around. Try it, you will not only like it, you will love it!

Don’t take my word for it. Surf on over and take a look for yourself!

Just knowing that there is someone there to help when I need it, is enough to validate my own membership.

If you have any comments about this article, or would like more information on Learning CDs and/or Tapes, other methods of alternative learning, industry events, or reviews, please write Roz and/or visit:
Roz Fruchtman