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Money and You Update, Radio and More

I have attended a number of Money and You Teleseminars and found them to be quite interesting, value packed and fun.  I even made some really good connections through them.  With this said, when I received this update earlier this afternoon, I decided to share it with you! 

MONEY & YOU UPDATE – October 14, 2008


1. “Key Calls with the Experts” now Money & You Radio

2. Recent Recordings

3. Upcoming Events

4. Upcoming Programs



Over the past several months, we have been creating a new program structure to replace the teleconference structure of our Key Calls. We received many comments that our lines were overloaded, hearing clearly was an issue and participating from overseas could be difficult for some.

Our solution to this is Money & You Radio, a weekly broadcast on World Talk Radio, live from Studio A. Each week DC interviews some of the brightest people working to make a difference. Each guest will share with you keys to financial freedom and personal success – while adding tremendous value to humanity.

Topics include “entrepreneurship with heart”; money and finances; sales and marketing; people and organization.

This is a global show that will give you a glimpse of what is happening internationally in social entrepreneurship, business and education.

DC has been interviewing notable social entrepreneurs, business leaders, humanitarians and persons from all walks of life for decades. This Show is continuing a work of nearly 30 years of Uplifting Humanity’s Consciousness Through Business.

Join us on Money & You Radio this coming Tuesday as DC Cordova interviews Sharon Lechter

Tune into World Talk Radio, Studio A or bookmark our site at:

Sharon Lechter has built million-dollar businesses that have had a tremendous positive impact in the way that children, teens and adults are being educated and guided to success. She was the co-author and the organizational driving force behind the Rich Dad/Poor Dad series of books.

In this episode Sharon will share her real-life experiences in building businesses, working with teams, and having business and personal success.

Sharon will also share tips on how to empower children and young people — how to successfully communicate with them. Sharon’s generosity of spirit – and knowledge – will give the listeners tools that can be used immediately to accomplish results both in business and in personal relationships.


2. Recent Recordings

DC recently recorded conversations on the subject of the economic conditions the world is finding itself in, and how we can take action to avoid being caught up in the drama of the daily news.  In these recording that DC has shared with us, learn how you can activate what you learned in Money & You to help you through your own personal finances.

Jacklyn Johnston with DC Cordova: Prosperity & You in Challenging Times
Quote: “There is choice during times of rapid change.  Do you want to react with fear?  Or do you want to seize opportunity?”

Eric Lofholm Interviews DC Cordova: Excelling in a Changing Financial Environment
Quote: “Wealth or richness is not about how much money you have, its how much money you have access to.”


 3. Upcoming Events

Tuesday, October 14, 2008, DC interviews Sharon Lechter on Money & You Radio, 4:00pm Pacific.
Tune in Live:  World Talk Radio, Studio A

Thursday, October 16, 2008, DC interviews Eric Lofholm, 5:00pm Pacific
Register to listen:


4. Upcoming Programs

November 20-23, 2008 Money & You® in Southern California.  Early Bird special discount of $500 off the regular tuition of $1,995 expires October 20, 2008. Go to <> to download a registration form

November 29-December 7, 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Early Bird discount of $2,000 off the regular tuition of $8,880 expires October 29, 2008. Contact our North American offices at (713) 880-8885 for more information and to register.


Imaginal Education Systems
P.O. Box 70105
Houston, TX  77270
Phone:  713-880-8885


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