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Alternative Methods of Learning

Alternative Methods of Learning as
Opposed to Traditional Brick and Mortar Learning
   by Roz Fruchtman (originally written 2003)

If you are reading this column, then you are already aware of how much life has changed due to the Internet. My ultimate goal is to help you help yourself by introducing you to *Alternative Methods of Learning* as opposed to the traditional *Brick and Mortar* learning.

With the Internet becoming such a vital part of our day-to-day lives, most of us have become interested in web development — whether it be a career choice, hobby, or a way to share and/or gain knowledge. Many of you have already found yourself inadequately trained for this new adventure. To alleviate any feelings of indecision, frustration, helplessness and/or hopelessness I will help you to evaluate your alternatives *before* they become a problem.

Whether you need to brush up on an old or new feature, learn a new program, or just become functional, help is on the way. Never again feel defeated before you begin because of classes that are:

  1. Exorbitantly priced
  2. Not conveniently located
  3. Not available at convenient times
  4. Not specific to the features you need to know
  5. Too short or too long
  6. Filled with people of different knowledge/skill levels, and/or learning capacities

Help Is Here

In the past with all the above obstacles one was inclined to throw up their hands, and just about give up. However, with the Internet and today’s new learning tools, this is no longer true!

We can now learn in the privacy of our own homes, at our own pace, at any hour of the day or night, dressed for leisure, at affordable cost, or last but not least… sometimes for free. A revelation at best! Everyone now has a chance in today’s new world!

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