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Dog The Bounty Hunter – Charging Fans to Comment?

I meant to comment on this a while back when I first discovered it as I find this quite odd…

I was and I suppose I still am a dedicated fan of Dog The Bounty and Crew.  However, it disturbs me that in order to comment on the “Official Dog The Bounty Hunter website” one needs to join a fee-based service – A Fan Club. 

Why on earth would they set that up that way, especially when they need all the support they can get to get the show reinstated.

This is odd to me as I do not believe that Dog and Beth are money hungry as they seem to be all about giving back and making the world a better place.  I have never seen a celebrity website before where one had to pay to comment.  What’s up with this!  To me… it felt like a slap in the face!

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