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Save Dwaine “Dog” Chapman – Sign Petition to Send to A&E

SIGN THE PETITION… TO KEEP “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on TV! 

Having to watch what I write here will be the real trick.  I have very definite feelings about this and to me it is ridiculous how people are always ready to jump on those who become the underdog (pardon the pun) in any given situation.

“I am not” condoning the N-word, however, whatever drove Dog to say it was in a PRIVATE conversation with his son Tucker Chapman.  I DID hear the entire five-minute tape that was posted on the web.  Needless to day it was NOT what has been quoted all over the place.

If I wrote what was said in my home growing up what Dog said would pale in content.  My parents are both dead now and I choose to NOT go back down memory lane. 

Any conversation can be edited and/or taken out of context and turn the entire conversation around to mean something completely different.

In the end, what I will remember about this is “a son that sold out his father and family for $15,000.”  There are some things in life that are unforgivable – to me – Tucker Chapman selling out his father (Dog the Bounty Hunter) for $15,000 is one of them!

Tucker and the girlfriend are jealous they can’t get a piece of the pie and chose to make sure no one had a piece of it either.  Even Tucker’s brothers and sisters.

The biggest laugh will be when the girlfriend leaves him and he has no family or girlfriend and only the memory of the despicable thing he did! 

However, in the end Dog will prevail and Tucker will probably wind up back in jail where he belongs for taping and selling the conversation in the first place.  Something about that has to be illegal!

SIGN THE PETITION… TO KEEP “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on TV! 

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