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Roz Says: Thank You, The Two Most Forgotten Words

This has been a sore point with me from the time I entered the Internet. It amazes me why people write to you, ask questions, expect answers, but do not expect to say thank you.

My friends tell me I am too sensitive and expect too much. They say: “people are people,” just move on and forget it! But it happens often enough, it is hard to forget in my opinion.

I always try to remember to thank people because I realize that “nothing is coming to us in this life,” and when people go out of their way to give of themselves, even by answering a question, they should be caring enough to say thank you! I was going to say smart enough, but smarts having absolutely nothing to do with this. It’s a caring issue!

Time is priceless and something we can never get back! Everyone should value other people’s time as much or more than they value their own.

Please remember… the next time someone does something for you, no matter how small… to “Thank Them” for taking the time. Now-a-days I find myself thanking people for doing the job they are paid to do as not all do. Have you ever talked to a Customer Service person who made you feel like they were “doing you a favor” by even talking to you? I have, and I can assure you they did not get away with it!

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