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Roz Says: It’s 4:34AM – Why am I still blogging?

Persistence is not all it’s cracked up to be!  Sometimes it is good, but there are those times when it is not so good!  Now is one of those times!  However…

I feel I need to say something, although at this moment I am more than a little wiped out and bewildered with all this setup stuff.  You would think, you have one Blog set up the way you want it, and all you would have to do is copy the files over to the other Blog(s) and tweak a few things!  Right?  WRONG!!!

I’m dealing with No Categories, when I surely do have Categories, missing posts, when I have a post and wrong time stamps even AFTER changing the time stamp to the correct time.  Maybe if I catch a few hours sleep it will all come back when I return?  Think so?  Probably not… but maybe I will see the error of my ways more clearly. 

All I wanted was to set up three Blogs!  That does not seem like much in today’s world!

All kidding aside, I do have the above problems, but two weeks ago I did not know one php file from another and even less about css.  Now I am going into the files and tweaking like a pro!  So… I’ll be back later to see what the problems are and figure out how to fix them!

NOTE:  I chose WordPress because it is “Blogger-Friendly” and there is a lot of help available.  So far that has been the truth.  I just want everything yesterday!

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