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REVIEW: Plaid Lite – Magic or Art

You gotta love this… Instant Plaids!

A while back I got the bright idea to create a collection of digital designs with Plaid as the theme.  The problem was, I was clueless as to how to make this happen.

After a bit of research and help from colleagues I was off and running to explore the list of websites I had been presented with.

The very first website I visited and the one I kept coming back to was:

Plaid Lite – by NameSuppressed Design

“Plaid Lite” has the flexiblity and good sense to allow one to create their own unique plaid patterns using almost any image that is inserted into the filter.  The results are phenominal and limited only by ones own imagination and/or images used.

From the website Plaid Lite’s features include:

  • Synthesizes plaid patterns from existing digital images, so it’s easy to generate color co-ordinated patterns
  • Rotation control allows you to spin plaids to any angle you like Zoom control to get up close to the plaid pattern, or zoom out to increase the plaid density
  • 4 different quality settings, from Draft Quality for slower computers, up to Insane Quality for super-crisp images
    Easy to use installer program gets you started quickly and easily

Aside from Adobe Photoshop… Plaid Lite works with a large group of programs which include:

  • Adobe Photoshop v3.04+
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Computerinsel PhotoLine 32
  • Corel Photopaint v8+
  • IrfanView
  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro v4.12+
  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro Studio
  • Megalux Ultimate FX
  • Ulead PhotoImpact v4+
  • Many others

As a digital artist, my interest was more than a little peaked. 

The program’s presentation was inviting with its affordable pricing of $14.95 and its 21-day trial version.  It has long since been added to my arsenal of daily tools for creating my own digital designs. For sure you will want it too after fooling with it during the trial period.

Check it out… Plaid Lite

As well as reviewing I usually have an interest in the products and services I review.  Therefore, I come to it with a true feeling of curiosity and wonder as to how this program, service, book, organization, etc. can help me and those with related interests.

If I were to be asked:  “What makes you the happiest” I would say: “being creative and designing digital art” and anything else related to stirring up the creative cobwebs of my mind!

Don’t waste another moment, surf on over to the Plaid Lite website and give it a whirl.  Plaid Lite has become one of my most favorite programs.  In fact… One night I was feeling a bit down… I sat down at the computer, opened up Adode Photoshop and the next thing I knew… I was pulling image after image into the Plaid Lite filter and by the time I got done:

  • I was no longer feeling down
  • I had a brand new plaid collecton created
  • Realized how adictive Plaid Lite is, on the other hand… realized it was cheaper than a therapist!

What could be better than that!  Check it out at:

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