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Roz Reviews: The Vision Board – The Secret To An Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz

A Personal Analysis: The words “Vision Board” alone make one think of something visual, something that you can see – upfront and personal.

As a digital artist, I am a visual being, but find it hard to “envision” during visual exercises — Like imagine how it would be if…

The book’s appearance, the colors, the art, the layout and the feel of the book itself stirs feelings of creativity and makes you want to jump right in and get going to either start learning how to create
your first Vision Board or stirs up your creative juices to just dive in and get started.

Joyce starts off by talking about creating a Vision Statement or Phrase that will be the theme of your Vision Board.  She takes you by the hand and shows you how to create this theme, even if you are clueless as to where to begin. She encourages you to change it, enhance it – after all, this is YOUR vision and your Vision Board.  Anything goes!

The visuals through the book give you ideas of what others have done.  It’s a good place to start to see what feels good to you and what does not.

Did you know you can create Vision Boards for Charities, Causes, Life’s Celebrations, Life’s Milestones, Anniversaries, Retirement, etc. etc.  The list goes on and one – Absolutely anything goes!

Recently I spoke to a friend and was discussing reviewing The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz.  I said it would be great to have a Vision Board in every room so that I can see it when I first get up in the morning.  Or course I thought that silly, but my friend suggested having one in each room “for my vision for THAT room!” 

Joyce talks a about Group Vision Boards – What a great idea for organizations or even businesses.  The possibilities are endless.

Joyce goes on to discuss the hows of creating a Vision Board as well as the embellishments that can be used like glitter, beading, bottle caps, ticket stubs, etc. etc.  I used to do needlepoint and have lots of fun stuff I could not part with hanging around. 

There is even a section of Vision Board FAQs

  • What goes on a Vision Board
  • What size should a Vision Board Be and What materials should it be made of
  • What types of images and where to find them
  • What kind of adhesive should I use
  • What’s the perfect design for my board
  • How big should my pictures be
  • Should I include my photo on the board
  • Etc.

I can go on forever.  I am not even going to mention that “The Secret’s” mentors are included in this fabulous book.  The book can stand alone on its own merit and I think everyone interested in Vision Boards should order one RIGHT NOW!!!

There is just too much to mention to include it all in this review.

The book includes case studies, sample Vision Boards of every style.  Theories of why, how and when to do a Vision Board.  You name it, it is included in this book! One family took a complete wall to use as their Vision Board.  Don’t you wish you could do that!  Living in an apartment, I am not about to try!

This may sound silly, but before reading The Vision Board, I did not think it was for me.  NOW…

I believe we ALL need to see our dreams and goals DAILY in order to make them real.  For me this is the truth.  I have notes and drawings all over the place – on napkins, toilet paper, scraps of paper, the inside of envelopes, the backs of wrapping paper, on junk mail and not so junk mail – got the picture!  I should have one Vision Board on just organization! No joke, if I took all my doodles and put them on a Vision Board that would be a great accomplishment, maybe they would see the day of light digitally or in print!

Life happens, Life changes, but… we need a place to start!  This book is it!

Joyce goes on to talk about Handmade vs Digital Vision Boards.  For example you can create your Vision Board by pasting items on poster board and hanging it on a wall, then photograph it and scan it to make a screen saver or wall paper for your computer and/or cell phone. 

Before Rhonda Byrne’s movie “”The Secret” I had no clue what a Vision Board even was! Afterwards I heard them mentioned now and again, but it always seemed to be in relation to traveling to exotic places, living in big house or mansions, fancy cards, etc.  None of that stuff interests me.  Let me say:  I DO like nice things!  But I am an artist…  I would love to have a maid!  Housekeeping is not my cup of tea.  I would rather sit at the computer designing and have someone else do the housework!

My dream has always been to see my art in print.  My Vision Board will have sample of my artwork on printed materials.  Perhaps if I have it staring at me daily I will make it happen!

The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz made me realize that everyone and anyone can have a Vision Board.  There is no age limit, no gender, ethnicity, it is absolutely perfect for everyone and anyone.

At the back of the book is a breakdown of Chapters and what and who is included – including their website URLs.


My only complaint, and I am not sure it is a complaint as much as a convenience.  I would have liked an INDEX at the back of the book so that you could go directly to subjects, categories and people.  For example, I knew Marie Diamond was in the book, it took a while to find her as well after reading the book you might want to go back to certain places and if you did not remember what Chapter the item appeared in, it might take a while to find it.  This might be nit picky, but it is worth a mention.  However, I would NOT let it stop me from buying the book.  If you are even thinking/contemplating doing a Vision Board this book is a MUST!

So what are you waiting for…

CLICK the Link Below to Order YOUR Copy of…
“The Vision Board – The Secret To an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz”

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Wishing you Warm Regards and Happy Vision Board Building!

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