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Joel & Victoria Osteen: Daily and Weekly e-Votionals

Personal testimonial:  I have learned, firsthand, that being spiritual and grateful makes life a whole lot happier and joyful — even in times of trauma and unpleasantness.  This revelation came to me almost three years ago when I first went through the Anthony Robbins “Get The Edge” program.  One thing that changed my life forever was to become grateful for all of life’s blessings — no matter how big or small.  As strange as this may seem, I have learned to take away something good from everything that happens — good or bad.  Sometimes it takes a while to find good in something bad, and sometimes there is “no way” to find good in bad!

For example:  During the trauma of 911 I realized the fact that I use my artistic creativity to demonstrate my deep emotions and compassion for others.  This WAS a VERY GOOD thing and something I embrace daily!

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March 3, 2006   3 Comments