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Colors, colors… how and where to find just the right colors

Pardon me for being away so long.  At the end of April 2006, the retina in my right eye detached and that brought on a whole new chain of events. We’ll keep that for another time, but I will happily report things seem to be going in the right direction and with God’s blessings I am back stronger than ever.  Each day I give thanks to be blessed with my eyesight, relatively good health, a good mind and a dream.  We don’t realize how precious the things we take for granted are, a scare like I had usualy does the trick, but it should not have to come to that!

Moving on…  I am furiously working on upgrading or more accurately converting my current Judaic eCards Club “Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings Club” to a new and improved website.

Say It With Ecards,

Timed to coincide with the upcoming Jewish New Year 5767,  September 23, 2006.  The site will open with a new name, new look, be feature-rich with member benefits and freebies, plus an abundant amount of artsy, unique and tastefully created Judaic eCards compliments of yours truly – Roz Fruchtman.

You are probably thinking, what does all of this have to do with colors. Well, it has everything to do with colors as I am searching for a new color scheme and it just seems to be eluding me.

In my quest for a color scheme I have come across many color scheme programs, some free and some paid. I will share my findings and opinions with you. Stay tuned…

Posted by Roz Fruchtman / Sunday, August 6, 2006

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Roz Says: Getting Back to Basics with Get The Edge

Sometimes we really need to stop what we are doing in order feed our minds with some good stuff and rejuvenate. For me that was pulling out my Anthony Robbins “Get The Edge” program. I started to do this on Monday, but got sidetracked Tuesday as we lost electricity, water and phone service. Wednesday I was concerned with my impending afternoon visit to the oral surgeon.

Today/Thursday… I awoke at 5AM feeling pretty disgusted and disappointed in myself for not continuing the program… no matter what. After all, I could have listened with my Diskman which runs on batteries. Anyway… I started the program “all over again” and did two days in one.  By the end of the day I worked through the two assignments given at the end of the second CD.  What an accomplishment!  I am my toughest critic, but even I have to give myself credit for not just throwing my hands up in defeat!  IF I learned nothing else from Tony, I learned to NOT give up!  Each moment is a new opportunity!

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Roz Says: Thank You, The Two Most Forgotten Words

This has been a sore point with me from the time I entered the Internet. It amazes me why people write to you, ask questions, expect answers, but do not expect to say thank you.

My friends tell me I am too sensitive and expect too much. They say: “people are people,” just move on and forget it! But it happens often enough, it is hard to forget in my opinion.

I always try to remember to thank people because I realize that “nothing is coming to us in this life,” and when people go out of their way to give of themselves, even by answering a question, they should be caring enough to say thank you! I was going to say smart enough, but smarts having absolutely nothing to do with this. It’s a caring issue!

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Roz Says: It’s 4:34AM – Why am I still blogging?

Persistence is not all it’s cracked up to be!  Sometimes it is good, but there are those times when it is not so good!  Now is one of those times!  However…

I feel I need to say something, although at this moment I am more than a little wiped out and bewildered with all this setup stuff.  You would think, you have one Blog set up the way you want it, and all you would have to do is copy the files over to the other Blog(s) and tweak a few things!  Right?  WRONG!!!

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Roz Says: Dana Reeve… A few words!

I just turned on the TV and caught the headline for the upcoming 12 Noon News Broadcast.  Although I did not know Dana Reeve personally, it is not hard to feel the sadness and loss many feel today. 

Christopher (Chris) and Dana Reeve made a huge impact on the world today and hopefully for many years to come.  Chris with his courage and dedication to demonstrate – NOT TO GIVE UP and Dana for her dedication, support and motivation in support of her husand and family. 

Although both made tremendous contributions to the world, what I take away from this is “to fight for what you want no matter what obstacles may stand in your way,” and “to count your blessings daily!”  Obviously most of us do not have the obtacles these two faced so we have much less to really complain about.  IF we are relatively healthy, articulate and can walk, talk and be creative we have it all!  This goes to show you “money is NOT the end all, or be all!” (I think I will take a few extra monents today to Thank G_d for my blessing!)

Two young and vibrant people… We will miss them both!  May they be together, once again… in Heaven!

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