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Finally… A Place to Donate Your Old and Used Eyeglasses

I have wracked my brain and spent exhaustive hours online looking for a place to donate a bag of old eyeglasses.

I asked all the eye doctors in the neighborhood and even my ophthalmologist and retina doctor if they knew what I could do with them.  As someone having vision problems all my life, and almost losing the eyesight in my right eye two years ago during a retina detachment, I know the value of eyesight first hand.  I got a preview of what it would be like not being able to see out of one eye for a short time, a short scary time.

I am a follower of Joyce Meyer and just decided to have a look at your her website and low and behold, Joyce Meyer Ministries is collecting old and used eyeglasses to use in their outreach missions work.

Check it out / Donate your used and old eyeglasses here:

You would not believe all those I asked about what to do with my old eyeglasses, people who you would think would know.  NOT ONE could give me an answer!  I knew others would have the same problem and that is why I am posting this information here on

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