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Dog The Bounty Hunter – Where Are They Now?

This still disturbs me.  How do things get so blown out of proportion.  How does a successful guy like Dwaine “Dog” Chapman have the rug pulled from under him because of a disloyal son.  Is there anyone of us who has never said something in a private conversation that they would not want mentioned publicly?  I think not!

We were talking about this at the Thanksgiving Day table.  Some of the people there are fans, but were unaware of the latest goings on.  They were floored when they heard Tucker turned his father in to the Enquirer.  They were more concerned with the family disloyalty than the reason for all the ruckus.  This says something in my book!

I’ll tell you this… A&E better bring Dog back soon or they will lose all their loyal fans.  They keep playing the same stuff over and over and over and over again!

I hear Imus is back at work, or going back! 

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