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Save Dog The Bounty Hunter – Larry King Follow-Up

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I just finished watching Larry King’s interview with Dwaine “Dog” Chapman.

While I know Dog is not in a good place right now, I know in my heart that this incident will only make him a better person.

He shared that he will be working with Tony Robbins and others.  Tony is my hero, so I know the miracles he can accomplish.

Tony Robbins also believes in forgiveness and his statement that turned my life around about five years ago was: “Your past IS NOT your future!” 

Until I heard Anthony Robbins say: “Your past IS NOT your future” I believed I was a product of where I came from. This is true, our past does play a big part in where we came from, but it DOES NOT have to be a negative!  We learn from our mistakes and we learn from the mistakes of others whose influence may have affected us, like our parents.

Before hearing Tony’s words I thought and felt I was unworthy and would always be unsuccessful because that is what my parents told me day in and day out until they died. It is NOT true!

I also wrote in my prior entry I felt Tucker Chapman selling out his father by selling a taped phone conversation to the Enquirer was “unforgivable!” While I still feel that way my heart is softening after hearing Dog’s take on this. (paraphrasing Dwaine Dog Chapman) He is my son, I can’t hate him, I love him, I am just disappointed!  Hearing that I thought, “wouldn’t I have wanted my parents to love me and not throw me out of the family if I did wrong!” The thing is with my family, I did NOT do wrong and they still did not treat me like they should have as my parents.  But I learned late in life:  “It was them and NOT me!”

Tony Robbins put me on the road of gratefulness and forgiveness.  So maybe I need to work on my forgiveness in this issue!  At this moment I am finding that hard to do as I really feel that Tucker was wrong.  It is underhanded, dishonest and in the end he will always be remembered as the son who tried to bring his father down for a measly $15,000.  Not that I am saying he should have, but if Tucker had the intelligence he thought he did, he could have commanded a whole lot more than the $15,000 he got!  That in itself shows his intelligence or shall we say ignorance.

It is NOT all about the money!  Integrity, honesty and goodness speak a whole lot louder.

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Posted by Roz Fruchtman / The Greeting Card Maven