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Roz View: The Importance of Keeping Customers Informed

The company I am talking about will remain nameless, as my article is more on the importance of keeping customers/clients informed as to what is going on – especially when they are paying for your service.

NOTE:  It has always been my understanding that when one signs up for a “trial period” that trial period is to ENTICE the customer to STAY ON and to demonstrate how the service IS ESSENTIAL to them.  Recently I have had an experience quite opposite to what one would expect.

I recently signed up with a brand new service.  It was not until I actually signed up and paid the money for the 30-day trial that I found out the service was “still in beta!”  For sure… had I known I would not have bothered and would have waited until the service went live – for real!

The company running the service is obviously experiencing some major problems.  However, instead of informing their founding/charter members they are just ignoring them.  Support tickets go unanswered, and everyone is sitting in darkness wondering what is going on.  In my case my service is NOT working so I really can’t do anything. 

As my 30-Day Trial draws to an end, I am hanging in to see if things change.

MY POINT…  When you are running a company/service, or whatever… It is ESSENTIAL and common courtesy to keep your customers informed.  People can be more understanding than you would think!  Customer Service SHOULD BE #1 with any company, no matter what!  Those that forget their customers will pay the price in the end.

MY MOTO… “Things happen, it is NOT the things that happen…  BUT THE WAY THEY ARE SOLVED!” (ignoring your customers, new or old, is NOT solving anything!)

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