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More Bad News About – NO PHONE BOOKS!

I can’t even believe this as I am writing it.

I have been a customer of for two or three years.  I asked about phone books today and was told – after a long wait on hold – they DO NOT have phone books and that “I should look in the White Pages to find a place where to order!”

I asked what to look under and the IDT representative said she did not know.

I am still on hold.  She is finding out now…

Ok, I’m back… I was told to call the Yellow Book at: 1-888-266-5765.  I was told the phone books would cost from $6.00 to $150.00.  This information came from the IDT representative. 

Imagine having phone service with NO PHONE BOOKS!  What next.

Check out my April 27, 2007 post about IDT and the Fraudulent $.99 Paperless Phone Bill Charges.

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