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Scott Kelby Makes The Cover of USA Today

Check it out… Scott Kelby, Photoshop Guru and President of NAPP / National Association of Photoshop Professionals was on the FRONT page of USA Today last week. (5/8/2007)

Here is the comment I left:  (I meant it all!)

Roz_Fruchtman wrote: 2d 2h ago

In 2001, right before 911, I attended my very first Photoshop Seminar Tour with Scott Kelby in NYC. He literally “changed the course of my life.”  

About 7-8 years ago I discovered I had a flair for digital design. I started with Paint Shop Pro like most on the web. Found out quickly that Photoshop was the industry standard. Thought it would be a breeze. WRONG!!!

I thought it would take forever or never to learn all the cool stuff people did with Photoshop. WRONG!!!

In ONE DAY with Scott Kelby I learned that “I could learn quickly and that it was all a few clicks away!” IF I could bottle the feeling I had when I left the Jacob Javits Convention Center that day, I would make millions.

It was what Dr. Phil would say “A Defining Moment!” I am a dedicated NAPP Member and in my book: “If Scott Kelby does it, it has to be good!” (sight unseen). I already have my ticket to the June, 2007 Photoshop Seminar Tour in NYC. IF Scott will be there, so will I! Scott Kelby makes a long and tedious day of learning, fun with his humor and Photoshop expertise.

Roz Fruchtman
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